We live in an age of accelerating progress.

Human cultures and environments are being reshaped at a rate never before seen.

IoUP carries out fundamental systems and technology research – applying new tools and processes to prepare and plan the safest, most optimal path towards humanity's next major transition.

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IoUP is part of a wider technology R&D landscape which is already designing towards a future substantially different from the present era. Our programme builds on the latest technical research, and pre-empts the achievements of others in fields such as artificial superintelligence and digital governance.

In order to advance our mission, communicate our activities, and make progress towards our long-term goals, we regularly present our work at conferences, meetings, and workshops, publish papers and blog posts, and create open-source tools for use by others.

Our small and growing team is purposefully multi-disciplinary, drawing on an extended Brain Trust comprising some of the foremost thinkers and doers of today.

For more information about who we are, our mission, and our work please get in touch with the media team at press@unknownpurpose.org.

If you are interested in supporting the IoUP we would love to hear from you also, contact us at info@unknownpurpose.org.

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